Halloween Special

Do you find that Halloween is coming on too fast and you have yet to figure out a costume? Well, I’m here to help! You can easily grab something out of your own closet and turn it into something Halloween Costume Chic! I have a couple of examples out of my own closet and even one of my friend’s chipped in their fabulous costume as well!

First off, here is my Halloween costume prior to deciding I wanted to do this little blog special.

I chose to be Beetlejuice this year after being completely lost on what to do. Halloween is my thing so not being inspired was a bit disheartening. I saw this fabulous makeup online and immediately thought, “I have a stripped jacket and black tshirt! This should be easy!” I went onto Amazon grabbed stripped leggings and a green wig. Obviously you don’t have the time to do that NOW but in the future you might. The few details you might want on this are the jacket is from Forever 21, as well as the choker, the black tee is a Classic from Lularoe.

The next few are some you should be able to grab directly from your closet or can just run around the corner to Walgreens or the closest store to grab a few extras for.

Now this outfit was grabbed entirely out of my closet. I’m sure some of you are saying, “but Kayla, I don’t just randomly have a witches hat in my closet.” Ok, I hear you but stay with me because this outfit CAN work without it. I grabbed a fun orange and black dress out of my closet and paired it with some fun, different colored socks. Witches never match so don’t worry about that! A simple black dress will also work with this outfit. It is all about the little details, how you accessorize and do your makeup. Grab that cute little black dress from your closet, grab your funkiest color socks, a cute pair of black boots, and bam! You have a cute little witch outfit. You can add either a wrap around headband or run down to Walgreens and grab a cute hat headband for under $5.
Outfit details: Amelia dress from Lularoe, socks from Jo Ann’s Fabric Store, Spirit Halloween Witch Hat.

Here is another fun one that you can grab straight from your closet! Grab that little red dress and some fun textured tights and you’ve got yourself an outfit! It just takes the right makeup to make yourself into the best devil that you can be. If you don’t have horns lying around, add some red makeup into your hairline which should help accentuate the look you are going for. Or, just run down to Walgreens like I did and grab yourself a pair of $2 horns!
Outfit details: Amazon

Now, here is my fabulous friend’s work of art! She pulled a complete Belle look straight from her closet! Now that, my friends, is impressive. She grabbed a blue dress, layered it up with a white long sleeve, added a cute white apron, grabbed some books and went out the door! And look how cute her hair is! Just perfect for this outfit! Like I say, it’s all in the details!

Are you guys finally getting some cute throw together ideas for Tuesday? Great! Now go dig in your closets and get started! I’m always around if you have any questions so don’t be afraid to ask! Until next time lovelies!

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