Lets Talk Basics

Alright ladies, I want to talk basics. Everyone believes that basic colors consist only of black, white, and grey. Lets not forget that basic really means a color that goes with everything. My two favorites are navy and dark purple but it could be anything! Light pink, cream, possibly a shade of green. Let your imagination run wild. It’s just a good solid color that goes with every print in your closet.

Basic clothing to have in your closet will consist of these colors. We all think, little black dress! But lets be honest here, how many of us really own one? Thinking through the vastness of my closet, I cannot say that I do. I do own a couple of great blazers, some great jeans, a couple of great basic tshirt dresses, black leggings, black slacks, a good pair of pumps, boots, sandals, and every day shoes… all of which I suggest you have in your closet as well. Each of these can be mix and matched together to make a great outfit OR you can mix them with your favorite pieces to make a great outfit as well.

We all want massive closets with tons of clothes but it’s no really necessary. As long as you have a few basic pieces and a couple of special pieces that’s all you really need. Of course, you do need a great dress in there for special occasions but trust me, it doesn’t have to be black. Pick a dress that makes you feel special and then go from there. My favorite is light pink with black lace. It’s unique and very me. You want to show off your personality with your clothes and most of the time that is not done with a little black dress unless you spice it up with some awesome jewelry and shoes. I’m not saying DON’T own one, I’m just saying that maybe you should look outside the box.

Until next time, don’t forget I’m here if you have any questions! Xoxo

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