Disney Bound

Oh my gosh, you guys… life has been NUTS lately! I feel like the worst with not being able to bring you all the hottest fashion and such! I am currently working 3 jobs, have started a new relationship, and am just attempting to balance my life out. The fun part about one of my jobs is that I am now working at a boutique so I can easily keep up with the hot new trends and pass it all on to you!

I did partially participate in the Disney Bound challenge last month for the first time ever, I fell out after about a week (life is dumb) but I figured I would fill you in on how much fun it is! I can’t believe I haven’t updated you all in a month or so.

So, let me explain a couple of things prior to diving right in. When you look up the definition of Disney Bounding this is what comes up: “Disneybounding, that is, dressing up in DIY costumes inspired by Disney characters, is a popular activity for adult superfans of the House of Mouse that began as a way to thwart a rule instituted at the resorts.” But honestly it is not quite that. It is not quite costumes which would make it cosplaying, it is more taking a character’s style as your own and giving a nod to them in your outfit. The Disney Bound challenge is during the month of March, this gives you a different theme for every single day and if you participate every day you are entered in to win a prize. I only lasted 7 days before life got in the way but I WILL do it next year!

My first Disney Bound:

The theme was Big Hero 6 and come on, I obviously HAD to be everyone’s favorite, Baymax! Also, Jasper was the perfect fit to Bound as the “hairy baby.” I swear he’s a cat anyway. Basically I kept it SUPER subtle and just stuck to the color choices. I was Bounding out of my closet instead of trying to find the perfect pieces for each individual Bound. I find it far more challenging and fun that way. Other’s will go out and find items that will tie them back to the characters that they are Bounding. Seriously, guys, there are some SUPER impressive Bounds out there and I will share a few at the end of this.

This challenge was really FAR from easy. Here are a couple that I really struggled with.

I’ve seen Zootopia ONCE and literally just googled the character’s outfits to see if I had ANYTHING in my closet that could potentially work. My little fox pom had to participate as Nick Wilde because of COURSE he did. Boo was my easiest choice for Pixar day but it wasn’t really the best one either.

Now I had a few that I just ADORED doing and will def make sure that I do again.

My favorite ladies of Disney! My girl Minnie was my obvious choice for the Fab 5 day although I unfortunately do not have a fun red, polka dot dress hanging out in my closet (I need to remedy that) so I went for a more traditional look for her. Wendy Darling is just so much fun, I had planned on doing Tink for the green character day but well, I didn’t quite make it that far into the challenge. And my absolute fave girl, Meg, for Heroine day!

I had SO much fun with this challenge. You just find a character that you love, pick out some pieces you think embody them, and then rock the crap out of them for a day. What nerd doesn’t love doing this? So even though it is no longer March, go have some fun and be your favorite character for a day! Until next time my pretties… Xoxo

And as promised, here are a couple of really amazing Bounds that I have come across (I DO NOT OWN THESE IMAGES)


I am sitting here watching the new Queer Eye on Netflix and if this is not everything I want to accomplish in life I don’t know what is! I desperately want to take a woman who is a little lost or a bit down on on themselves and transform their life through fashion. It’s amazing to see it actually working on this show.

So basically this is just me re-implementing what I would love to see while doing this and eventually branching out into some hands on things. I desperately want my fellow women to be empowered and looking good is completely where it starts!

Yesterday, I was down on myself. I didn’t want to be around people, I didn’t want anything to do with anything. So I put on one of my comfiest yet chicest outfits and put on a full face of makeup which I don’t normally do for a normal day. It gave me enough pick me up to get out of my apartment and do what needed to be done for the day. No, I wasn’t completely ready to deal with people and life but it got me out and caused me not to cancel plans. I felt a lot better about life when I felt better about myself. This HAS to happen for others as well.

If you do not believe that looking good on the outside helps how you feel on the inside please do me a favor and go watch Queer Eye. It will give you a better outlook on what I am trying to do here. Also, I must warn you, your feels will be all over the place while watching this and it is going to make you want this for yourself as well.

It is absolutely amazing seeing what a good outfit and proper grooming techniques will do for your outlook on life. So please, go find an outfit that screams you and makes you feel like your best self. Then put your best face forward, literally, go put your face on. Grab that red lipstick or one that makes you feel powerful and put it on. Then go out and seize the day!

This was me yesterday when I was feeling terrible about life. I look great and felt so much better.


Outfit includes: Harvey, Irma, and OS leggings from Lularoe and Toms!

For My Single Ladies

Alright ladies, Valentine’s day is upon us and for most that means we tend to get depressed because it is “Singles Awareness Day.” Honestly, I think that is ridiculous. A relationship does not define how awesome you are. You are awesome all by yourself and do not need a man or other lady (no judgement either way) to make you feel so.

Your homework for today, go put on that outfit that makes you feel as amazing as you totally are. Put on that red hot lipstick and go be your incredible self! Valentine’s day is literally just another day and do not let all the hype make you feel any other way. Do not think of it as “Singles Awareness Day,” think of it as love yourself day. It is a day of love, so celebrate you or your gal pals. Go buy yourself that thing that you’ve been eyeing as a gift to yourself. You do not need a significant other to buy you things, treat yo self girl!

I realize this post isn’t particularly about fashion but my goal in life is to help you love yourself and empower others to do the same. If you’re the single one in your group don’t let it bother you because you don’t NEED a relationship. I understand that you want one and this time of year makes it seem like you should have one but you have to learn to love yourself first before you can spread that love to others.

Go surprise your bestie with a Galentine’s Day Gift to spread the love. Dress smashingly to make people wish they could be as confident as you are when instead they are feeling “SAD” bearing down upon them. Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples, that is just what the card companies make you think. It is a day of love whether it be you loving yourself, spreading the love to others that need it such as coworkers, best friends, or your family. Be you, shine bright out there and be the own love of your life. Once you find that then other greatness will come your way.

Now go out there and put on your best face, spread love to others, and be that amazing person that I know you are. Now here is a pic of my little fur one to spread a little joy your way! Until next time my lovelies! Xoxo


Valentine’s Day


Ok, I’m fully aware that I should’ve posted this earlier but well, I didn’t so you’ll have to forgive me! Here are a few awesome nerdy gifts to give for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, whatever you are celebrating on February 14th! I’ll start with Amazon because you MIGHT actually be able to get them in on time and then add in some things that you can go pick up at your local Target or such. I’m generally all about shopping small but since this is a bit last minute… 🙂

How cute is this shirt?! What nerd doesn’t love a little 8-bit humor?

I personally love a little punny action and Otters! So cute!

Um, hello! Such a cute shirt to show off your love for pizza!


Excuse me, how adorable is this plushie?! I would LOVE to be given this.


Oh my gosh, Target has a cute 90s selection right now! I need all of them in my life and I bet any other 90s girl that you know would too! Run out and buy all the things!

Alright, you guys go out there and get your gifting on! Love yourselves and your special people. Until next time! Xoxo

Pamper Yourself


I know, I didn’t post last week. I’ve been in a bit of a funk and frankly I still am so THAT is why I decided to take care of myself today. You say, but Kayla, this isn’t about fashion and excuse me, why isn’t it? I always say that fashion is to empower yourself and make you feel good about yourself… pampering yourself is a huge part of that. It’s to make yourself feel good inside and out. Now stop questioning yourself and do the thing.

Light a candle that transports you into your favorite place or brings you good memories. It can be anything from a candle smelling like the beach, the mountains, your favorite book, even your favorite ride at Disney. Don’t worry, at the end I will feel you in on where I get all of my favorite things.

Next, turn on either your favorite music or your favorite happy tv show/movie. You can either do all of this in the bathroom OR in your favorite room of your living space. It’s easy to customize all of this to your own preferences.

Follow that up by either running a warm bath and adding in your favorite yummy items including bathbombs, bath salts (no not the kind that turns you into a zombie, bath oils, ect. Or simply just grab your favorite nail color and your favorite face mask or both!

This is a time for you so make it so. No people distractions so leave your phone or lock out your roommates and zen out with your favorite beverage. At the end of your pampering sesh you should feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and more like yourself!

As promised here are a few of my favorite places to get my favorite pampering items!
Bath and Bodyworks and Lush are no secret to find yummy things to enjoy your pampering days. Everything from candles to bathbombs to bubble bath can be found at both of these places combined. But, here are a few of my more hidden gems.

Walter & Rosie Candle Co https://www.walterandrosiecandleco.com/
This shop has the yummiest smelling candles! I am currently burning the Foolish Mortals candle that reminds me of being inside the Haunted Mansion. They have other magical scents and also some great book scents.

Frostbeard https://www.etsy.com/shop/Frostbeard?ref=pr_faveshops
This shop has awesome book themed candles that will transport you into your favorite books!

For some awesome, mostly natural, face masks, lotions, bath bombs, ect you MUST check out Perfectly Posh. They have my favorite face mask which is called Cackle Spackle and it totally detoxes all the ookie stuff from your face. If you need a “dealer” for it, let me know! I can hook you up after you check out their site! http://www.perfectlyposh.com/

Alright ladies, now go out there and get your pampering on! I will follow up this week with another post on nerdy Valentine’s day gifts! Until then… Xoxo

Disney Chic

In honor of our Queen Minnie’s 90th anniversary and her FINALLY getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday, I have decided to put together a few Disney outfits for you. Whether you are headed to the parks or are just a complete DisNerd like me, these outfits would be perfect for you! Trust me, my closet is so stuffed full of Disney items it was hard to pick just a few.


Yesterday, I decided to rock the dots for our girl! Also, it just so happens to be National Polka Dot day! Of course, none of us can rock the dots quite like our favorite mouse.
Outfit details: Sweatshirt – F21, Headband – Hippie Runner, Mug – Michael’s.


Here is the outfit I am rocking today! I LOVE the Disney villains so since it is a bit warmer out today I decided to rock some of my favorite leggings. Who says villains are only for Halloween? Not me! I wear whatever I want, whenever I want as long as there is not a dress code that is 🙂
Outfit details: Top – Royal+Reese, Leggings – Lularoe, Necklace – was a gift from my Roe dealer.


While we are at it, I figure we should give a nod to Minnie’s other half. He be as fabulous but he is Mickey Mouse after all. This is probably one of my favorite outfits! Super comfy and awesomely Disney!
Outfit details: Top – F21, Leggings – Lularoe (obviously), Cardigan – Royal+Reese.


If you aren’t much of a leggings person, there is no reason that you cannot wear this awesome tee with some jeans! These are a boyfriend style and also super comfy. You can easily be comfortable if you’re park hopping or running errands or whatever.
Outfit details: Top – Cakeworthy, Jeans – NY&Co, Cardigan – is just a basic black cardi that I grabbed out of my closet, not sure where it is from.


Obviously I HAD to throw an adorable skirt option out there! This is one of my favorite outfits, I know you may have seen the main part before in my pattern mixing post but it was just too good not to share again. Also, I wanted to show a bit of versatility with it. I had mixed it with a tie-dye cardigan before and this time with an adorable jean jacket. You can easily repurpose any outfit with jewelry changes, shoe changes, jacket changes, ect.
Outfit details: Top – Hot Topic, Skirt – Azure from Lularoe, Jacket – Harvey from Lularoe.

I hope you had as much fun as me with this post! I adore putting together outfits, it is one of my favorite things! Also, come on, Disney is the best. I have so so many more Disney items that I could share with you guys but I will leave that for another time. We might have to have a part two of his if you would like!

Until next time my loves… let me know if you need any outfit advice. Go out there and be your best self! Love you awesome nerds! Xoxo

and if you were wondering where Jasper was while I was shooting outfits…


Boutique Shopping

I know, I’m a bit behind on my game this week. Texas has been changing it’s mind like crazy on what season it wants it to be. Earlier this week we had ice on the ground and today I’m running around in flipflops. Needless to say, it has been a bit of a headache… literally. I have been thinking about you guys though and what I wanted to address today. This isn’t nearly as inspired as the last couple of posts but I did want to tell you guys about these two FABULOUS boutiques that I found within the past couple of months! Also, due to the weather, I have a few different ways that you can make your closet work for you when the outside changes faster than it should.

First, my favorite new blog is Royal+Reese women’s line. I’m fairly obsessed with it and cant seem to bring in enough money to keep up my shopping habits. Perils of being unemployed I suppose. Maybe one day this will blow up and I will laugh about it but until then, keep your fingers crossed that I find something to fund my problem sooner rather than later or you guys might be getting repeat posts! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from them. You HAVE to follow them on social media and jump online to grab much of anything prior to them selling out. They tend to sell out within minutes of posting things, THAT is how awesome they are!


This cardigan is literal life! I’m beyond obsessed with it. Only problem I have with it is that my poor fur babies nails are so ridiculously long right now (he wont let me cut them) that he snagged it. Other than that little snafu, I dont want to take the thing off! It is perfect for layering up for cold weather or for the weird fall weather we have also been having. The leggings are Lularoe and the top is from Amazon.

This dress! I layered it up a bit due to the weather outside being frightful. I also had all of this other awesome in my closet. The leggings are Lularoe and the sweatshirt is F21.

And for today’s outfit… this awesome cut out sweater is from them! I didn’t really want to give you guys another mirror selfie but with this headache I didn’t want to bust out the tripod and the selfie didn’t really do it justice. This thing is super lightweight and perfect for today’s 60 degree weather!

Go check them out at https://www.royalandreese.com/

Secondly, Theo & Rose Boutique! I have gotten some seriously amazing pieces from them! Their selection is not nearly as large as the prior shop but it is still worth a look. I also LOVE that it is local to Austin. Unfortunately they do not have a brick and mortar, yet. That is where you would come in handy! Go shop them up so they can afford it! Here are my favorite pieces from them!


I know you recognize this outfit as I have used it before but it is too good not to share again! This dress came from them! It is almost like a sweatshirt, it is BEYOND comfortable! Did I mention that it also has pockets?!


This little skirt/dress thing… so chic! I feel like I fell right back into the 90’s when I put it on! It can literally go with anything! I paired it with this dino tee from F21 but you could easily put it together with a light-long sleeve for cooler days. It is just too cute and I cannot wait to put it on again!


THIS. SWEATSHIRT. I cannot describe how amazing it is! It is ridiculously soft and I may have worn it for like 4 days straight when the weather was all icy and I didn’t go anywhere. It also perfectly captures my mood most days, a little blah and a little pink. I’m seriously considering doing laundry just so that I can put it back on. You KNOW it’s good when I’m considering the dreaded laundry.

Go check out Theo and Rose at https://theoandroseboutique.com/

That is all I have for the time being. Hopefully I will have something a bit more inspired next week. If you ladies find any awesome boutiques, please, let me know!! Until next time, all mine and Jasper’s love… xoxo


Love The Skin You’re In


Let’s face it, most of us are not at our ideal weight or body type. Whether we are curvy, thin, or athletic we may not be happy with ourselves. I’m here to let you know that no matter your body type you can be happy with yourself. All it takes is a bit of self confidence.

I know, I know, you’re thinking that there is no way gaining self confidence is easy and you’re right, it’s not. I can tell you, however, that gaining self confidence starts with how you present yourself and how you do that starts with the way you dress.

You look good, you feel good is not just a myth! Have you ever been having a rough week so you throw on your favorite outfit, throw your hair in a top knot, and that perfect shade of lipstick and all your bad feelings just drift away? Maybe you should treat every day that way and then you’ll have less bad days and more good ones. People will be able to literally see your confidence on the outside and those compliments will help boost how you feel on the inside.

I realize that finding your own personal “look” is not necessarily the easiest thing in the world. Start out by what you think you like on others or how you would like to dress. Personally, I’m all about that comfy/cute thing but you might be a girl that wants to look professional or sporty or hippy. Just look around you and find that girl whose style you’re obsessed with and try to emulate i on yourself. It might be an athlete, a singer, an actress, your favorite beauty/fashion blogger, or just some girl that you crossed paths with. If you’ve ever thought, “I would love to dress like that,” then do it! That is where you start and then you make the style your own.

I’ve gathered a few examples of different body types and what I think is chic on them if you are lacking in ideas. Note: I do not own these images.

For the thin girls:

For the curvy girls:

For the athletic girls:

It would do everyone well to remember that not all two people are made or built the same. Just because you do not think of yourself as a typical “beauty” does not mean that you aren’t. First and foremost it is all about how you feel about yourself and not about how others perceive you. Once you love yourself then I promise, other’s will love you just the same.

As always, if you need me for fashion advice I am here! Until next time my lovelies, remember that you are wonderful just the way you are. Xoxo

“New Year, New Me”


Happy New Year everyone!! Have you found yourself saying, “New Year, New Me?” Well if so, I am here to help you out. What better way to start changing yourself than with your fashion choices?

I’m not here to tell you what you SHOULDN’T or CAN’T wear. I’m here to tell you that you can wear anything you want. Life is too short to abide by so called fashion “rules.” The only rule is that you love what you are wearing and you feel good wearing it. Of course, there are ways to make things appear more fashionable but overall, if you love it then why not wear it? If you’re over 30 and want to wear a crop top, do it. If you’re over 50 and want to rock a Batman tee, who says that you shouldn’t? Do the thing. Live your life and wear what you want. The important thing is that you love you.

I’m here to say that if you’re plus size and want to wear a crop top, who/what is stopping you? If you’re thin and want to wear baggy clothes, do the thing! Do not let age or body standards stay in your way. You can rock anything you set your mind to. The only person who should put standards on the way you look is yourself. God out there and rock that pink hair and red lip with your crop top!

There are tons of ladies out there that live their true self through fashion and I want everyone of you to go out there and do the same. Personally I do not live by any beauty standards and I feel like my truest self. I’m 30, I have pink hair, I rock my crop tops and nerd tees… I wear what I want, when I want it. The only thing that should dictate what you wear is the weather! If you’re unsure of how to make an outfit work, give me a shout out and I would LOVE to help! Just wear things that make you feel comfortable, that you love wearing, and that make you feel like the best you!

Check out this outfit that I wore today. None of it is really abiding any “rules.” I just liked all the pieces and it is rather chilly out so that made me layer up. I wanted to wear the dress but it shows too much skin to be comfortable out in the colder weather so I added things that I think went with it whether they actually do or not, who cares?


Dress: Theo & Rose Boutique
Leggings: Lularoe
Sweatshirt: was a gift
Hat: Jessica Simpson
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: GoJane.com

Now go out there without fear of how you look if you love what you’re wearing. If you feel good then you look good! Go be your true self! Until next time… Xoxo

Pattern Mixing

Ok so I realize this isn’t holiday related but it might be helpful! I was asked to do do a piece about pattern mixing, I put on an outfit today and it reminded me that I should go ahead and do it.

I find myself having more patterns in my closet than solids fairly often and I don’t generally know what to do about it. Frequently I decide I want to wear a certain pair of leggings and a certain style top but the tops I have are not in a solid color that would work. If you have a basic colored pattern it can easily be matched with another fun colored print.

Also, pick out similar colors within the patterns and pair them together. Or, throw in a solid to match the two together. My favorite is to match a stripe or polka dot with a crazier print. I would said that stripes and polka dots are the basics of prints. They easily match well with any other print.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and end with a few examples that follow the guidelines I stated above.

Just remember, if you do not feel comfortable and confident don’t wear it! Add fun jewelry and makeup to spice it up a bit! If you have any questions please reach out!

Until next time, xoxo and Happy Holidays!