Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Tis the season for ugly Christmas sweater parties! I am assuming that most of you have at least one of these to attend this year. I am here to help you out on how you can make your sweater a bit more fashionable this season!



Obviously, pair it with jeans! It’s cold out in most of the states so jeans and boots are the obvious go to. Throw on a cute Christmasy headband, a cute lippie, and go! It’s classy and you’ll be comfy the whole night.



Add a long tee and leggings! Nothing is more comfy for a night of partying with your friends than some leggings! Find a color that is not very represented in your sweater and pull it out with your tee and leggings. The “Murray Christmas” in my sweater is slightly pink so I added a rose colored tee and rose leggings. Adds a little extra flair to a slightly understated sweater. Add a little extra holiday cheer with a holiday slogan hat and away you go!



Who says your sweater has to go on the top part of your body?? Go for originality with an ugly sweater skirt! Pair it with your favorite leggings and some tall boots and you’re fashion forward and unique! It’s the best way to class up a sweater party OR you can wear it to any other holiday party you have to attend this year.

Where to buy:
First 2 sweaters: TeeFury
Headband and hat: HippieRunner
Tee and Leggings: Lularoe
Jeans: New York and Company
Skirt: Mod Cloth
Last sweater was a gift so I’m not sure where it is from… sorry!

Until next time! Xoxo and have a very happy holidays from me and Jasper!


Christmas Gift Ideas


In preparation for the holidays, I have decided that you all may need a little help on what to get your favorite nerd for gifts. This post will not be ALL clothing and jewelry or I might as well just copy and paste my last post but there will be some of my favorite pieces in here. I will break this down per the handful of main fandoms so that you can easily search it. I hope this helps give you a few ideas!

Harry Potter


This is one of my all time favorite shops! I go here for special hand painted items all the time. I’ve actually purchased this exact wine glass for a friend in the past and she LOVED it!


Of course, I am all about shopping small but Think Geek has some awesome items! I’m pretty obsessed with this Deathly Hallows Lamp and I believe any other PottHead would be too.

HP scarf
Harry Potter Gryffindor Patch Knit Scarf

If you know your nerd girl’s house you can always go for a house scarf for those chilly winter days. Or you can always get other personalized house gifts through Etsy!

Star Wars

Empty green living room with sliding door

This wall art of Han frozen in carbonite would be perfect for any Star Wars fan! I would hang this above my bed the moment I received it!


I was actually given this Boba Fett bag a couple of years back and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I would also LOVE to have the R2D2 one as well. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to the Star Wars movies so most everything I love will be from the original 3 but there is MORE than enough merch out there for the new movies as well.

Disney Princess Leia Don’t Need Rescuing Juniors T-Shirt

A girl NEEDS this tee in her wardrobe! It could easily be paired with jeans or a skirt. I’m all about strong women and there is hardly one stronger than our very own Princess Leia.

Star Trek


I’m personally not much of a Trekie but I adore Vinyl Record clocks and I think that any Star Trek fan would be more than happy to display this clock in their home!


These Tiki glasses make me happy in any fandom! They are too cute and can easily be added to any nerd girl’s drinkware collection. (I can’t be the only one that has one.)

Star Trek
 Moon Necklace Star Trek Starfleet Command Pendant Charms Friendship Gift For Women with Giftbox

I LOVE a good half moon necklace and this one with the Starfleet Command Pendant is no exception! It’s a great way to add a subtle nod to your fandom without a huge, “look at me,” statement.

Game of Thrones


Ok, I cannot help myself, I love a good glittery wine glass! Most Game of Thrones girls consider themselves a Khaleesi because who wouldn’t? I’ll take a Khal Drogo over most princes any day!


If you want to add to that wine glass gift, there is no better way to do it than with an “I drink and I know things” shirt! Everyone loves Tyrion and this is most people’s favorite quote of his. Personally, I’m good at drinking and knowing things so I would love to have this shirt.

GoT shirt

Nobody said you cant mix up a couple of fandoms in one gift! No better way to do it than this Jurassic Park/GoT mashup! I LOVE this top and wish I had it in my own collection.



Give your DisNerd a cute, unique pair of Ears decorated with her favorite movie! Every girl wants her own pair of Mouse Ears! I have more than I can count but I wish I had a pair that you cannot find in the parks! Make everyone jealous on your next Disney trip!


This Snow White bag is to die for (see what I did there)! It also comes in Mulan and Jasmine styles if she isn’t a huge Snow White fan. I LOVE carrying bags with my fandoms on them. It gives a nice nod without going over the top.


Literally ANYTHING on CakeWorthy will have your DisNerd swooning. These items ship from Canada so I would order soon if you’re in the states!



We all have that one friend who is obsessed with all things horror (I am that friend to many). I LOVE this pillow and most of the other things on this etsy shop. I would easily display this on my bed year round. It is always Halloween in my world.


This is one of my all time favorite artists! I discovered her work while at Disney. She has the CUTEST creepy little girl artwork. I have a gorgeous Haunted Mansion piece hanging in my apartment and this is another piece that I wish I could add. (I’m running out of wall space from all the cool stuff I find) She also has jewelry and such on her site so I would suggest checking her out!


And of course, you cannot forget to check out my FAVORITE etsy shop, Colorful Geekiness! I bought this shirt during her Black Weekend sale and cannot wait for it to warm back up so that I can wear it. Lydia Deetz is my spirit animal and I bet a lot of other creepy girls feel the same way!

Welp, that is all I have for now. I know that there are MANY other fandoms out there but this post is already running a bit long. If you need help finding gifts for any other fandoms feel free to ask. I have no problem helping out! Until next time! xoxo

Shop Small

I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! With all of these amazing Black Weekend deals going on I wanted to talk about some of my absolute favorite small shops to buy accessories and clothes from!

Without further ado here are my top shops!


I just discovered this shop at comic con a couple of weeks ago. This shop has the most incredible skirts around especially if you’re looking for something cute and nerdy! I bought my first skirt from here at comic con to wear in my picture with Jason Momoa because I just enjoy things that make me stand out from the crowd and these skirts certainly do just that!

Here are the pictures of my SkirtyBirt! Since then I have also bought a dinosaur skirt that I am anxiously awaiting!


I discovered this shop at comic con last year and have been in love ever since! She is local in Texas so that is a plus for me. This shop carries the perfect creepy cute jewelry and the shop owner is super sweet and helpful. I generally get the little grab bags of rings but she has a ton of other cute and unique items!

Here are a couple of my favorite purchases along with a skull necklace that I wear all the time.


This shop has some of the most unique jewelry! I’ve bought from here so many times and am quite literally never disappointed. I had been looking for a half moon necklace for ages and found the perfect one here! The shop owner is super sweet and she is great with customer service. I’ve also bought a few gifts for others from here and everyone has always been delighted with what they have been given.

Here are a couple of necklaces that I have purchased in the past but I have bought all sorts of stuff from here and have been in love with all of it.


This is the source of my absolute favorite nerdy tees! One of my friends found them at a con in New York last year and I cannot stop buying from them! They hit just about every fandom you can imagine. I honestly think that I own most of their inventory and she keeps posting new things daily! I’ve bought from her three separate times this week simply due to the fact that I could not help myself! She also promises more discounts as Christmas approaches!

Here are a few of my favorites! It was so hard to pick!

And last but not least:

Worship 13

Welcome to my favorite place for some creepy girl jewelry! I have gotten most of my Halloween jewelry from here. Although a lot of it I have no issue wearing all the time. There are some super cute Disney villains pieces that I wear year round but for some I prefer to save for my favorite time of year. If you like creepy cute, this is DEF the place for you!

Here are my two favorite pieces.

Now get out there and hit up some sales! As usual the best place to find out about any on going sales are the companies social media pages. Shop small, shop local, keep these businesses and our economy alive!

I apologize for the quality of my images as this was a last minute post. I didn’t want any of you to miss out on some awesome! Until next time my lovelies! Xoxo

Closet Cosplay

So I’ve been slightly busy over the past couple of weeks between meeting Jason Momoa (yes really) at Comic Con and being sick I haven’t really had a chance to post. Since I have had cosplay on the brain for so many weeks I figured it was time to discuss how to piece together your own cosplay. I’m not a builder, although I have an amazing friend that is, so I tend to find cosplays that I can piece together myself for our off days. I’ve done all sorts of fun things as well as edited some of my own to make them better.

Step 1: Find a character that you admire or want to be. From there you need to decide if it is something that you can piece together or something that you need to build. If it is something with armor, more than likely it will need to be built.

Step 2: Sift through your closet to see if anything in there could be used to help piece together your cosplay. Examples, little black dresses, hoodies, ect anything that is a basic. I just did Liv from iZombie and most of it could be pulled out of my closet with the exception of a wig and a lab coat. I had the boots, jeans, t-shirt… I did have to buy the red hoodie as I’m not big on the red but hey, some of you have just that in your closet!

Step 3: Anything that you do not have in your closet, go to Amazon or Good Will or your local thrift shop to find the other items. Personally, I’m an Amazon girl because they have all the things and I do not have to leave the privacy of my own home. Some of you may love sifting through the items at your local thrift store due to the fact that you can try all the items on. Lucky for me, I’m fairly regular on my sizing and most things fit with no trouble with the huge exception of corsets… those are always a pain to fit without trying them on.

Step 4: Figure out your wig styling (if you have one) or you hair styling and your makeup. Look up tutorials on YouTube if you’re not sure how to do these things. They always have great videos for just about everything out there.

Ok, I know you are dying for some pics so here are a few examples of cosplays that I have pieced together by myself. No builds or sewing required.

Liv from iZombie:

Weirdly not many people knew who I was… that was fine with me though. I still had a lot of fun. That makeup is one of my favorites so far.

Lydia from Beetlejuice:

Hands down one of my all time favorite cosplays! I’ve reused that makeup for other things because it is so amazing. My own mother did not even recognize me.

Julie Newmar’s Catwoman:

This was my first cosplay to do on my own and it was so so much fun!


Sure, this cannot be pulled from a closet but everything was purchased on Amazon except for the boots which I did own.

My own take on Harley Quinn:

This is the first and second time that I did Harley. I edited it and in my opinion improved upon the costume.

Harley is a blast but there are so many out there that you really have to think outside of the box and try to make her your own creation so that you can stand out from the crowd.

I apologize for the quality of the pics as I was not running the blog yet. Except for Liv… that is just no excuse.

As I’m sure you all remember from my Halloween piece, it’s all in the details! Now go out there and have a nerdy good time my friends! If you need any help at all please feel free to reach out! Until next time! Xoxo

Happy Thanksgiving all!


I know, you think that makeup is not clothing and we’re here to talk clothes but actually I’m here to talk fashion not just clothes and makeup is a huge part of that. With that in mind, I want to talk about my favorite places to buy makeup and my favorite items!

If you have the money, my absolute favorite place to grab a lippie is Gerard Cosmetics. They have these AMAZING liquid lipsticks that I simply cannot get enough of. Hydra-Mattes and Metal-Mattes galore! It is a bit pricey but they always have some sort of sale going on. I follow them on Instagram where they always have their promos posted and new items! They also have this Slay All Day Setting Spray that I never leave home without on a hot day or when I have a full face of cosplay makeup going on. My favorite is lavender which is super soothing but they have a ton of different scents! Go to their website to check them out!

My second favorite makeup line has to be Colourpop Cosmetics! It is quite a bit cheaper than Gerard Cosmetics. Their Lippie Stix and liquid lippies are divine! They also have super fun collabs like My Little Pony which will give you wicked 90’s flashbacks! Personally, I grabbed 2 of the Pony liquid lippies and one of the highlighters! They are so much fun!! I have yet to try out their eye shadows but I have no doubt they are just as incredible as the rest of their line. Go check out their website and see the fabulousness for yourself!

And finally, you must check out NYX Cosmetics! They have an amazing customer program where you can get awesome gifts with certain purchase amounts. I recently spent $75 and got 3 of their highlighter products for free! I use their Studio Perfect Primer which is just as good if not better (and cheaper) than Smashbox. They also have my absolute favorite finishing powder! I’ve honestly yet to find anything that I don’t like from NYX. It’s cheap and fabulous. Their lippies are amazing and I love their colored eyeliner! I use most of NYX lines for my cosplay makeup since they have such a large variety of colors and you can run down to your neighborhood Ulta store and get it there. I lucked out and they finally opened a NYX store just down the street from me! It’s so dangerous for me to walk in there! I def suggest checking them out!

I suggest going for an amazing red lippie that is great for your skin tone! Everyone feels great with a red lip! Each of the lines above have good ones. Since I have a red-ish skin tone I look for a red lip that has more of the blue undertones. If you ask one of the people in the store they can help you find the right one for you or you can ask me and I would love to help you out! Also, a good liquid liner and mascara are always needed to help make your eyes pop. Let’s not forget that brows are a huge thing at the moment, I suggest a nice powder to fill in your brows. Let me know if you have any questions!

Until next time! Xoxo

Lets Talk Basics

Alright ladies, I want to talk basics. Everyone believes that basic colors consist only of black, white, and grey. Lets not forget that basic really means a color that goes with everything. My two favorites are navy and dark purple but it could be anything! Light pink, cream, possibly a shade of green. Let your imagination run wild. It’s just a good solid color that goes with every print in your closet.

Basic clothing to have in your closet will consist of these colors. We all think, little black dress! But lets be honest here, how many of us really own one? Thinking through the vastness of my closet, I cannot say that I do. I do own a couple of great blazers, some great jeans, a couple of great basic tshirt dresses, black leggings, black slacks, a good pair of pumps, boots, sandals, and every day shoes… all of which I suggest you have in your closet as well. Each of these can be mix and matched together to make a great outfit OR you can mix them with your favorite pieces to make a great outfit as well.

We all want massive closets with tons of clothes but it’s no really necessary. As long as you have a few basic pieces and a couple of special pieces that’s all you really need. Of course, you do need a great dress in there for special occasions but trust me, it doesn’t have to be black. Pick a dress that makes you feel special and then go from there. My favorite is light pink with black lace. It’s unique and very me. You want to show off your personality with your clothes and most of the time that is not done with a little black dress unless you spice it up with some awesome jewelry and shoes. I’m not saying DON’T own one, I’m just saying that maybe you should look outside the box.

Until next time, don’t forget I’m here if you have any questions! Xoxo

Halloween Special

Do you find that Halloween is coming on too fast and you have yet to figure out a costume? Well, I’m here to help! You can easily grab something out of your own closet and turn it into something Halloween Costume Chic! I have a couple of examples out of my own closet and even one of my friend’s chipped in their fabulous costume as well!

First off, here is my Halloween costume prior to deciding I wanted to do this little blog special.

I chose to be Beetlejuice this year after being completely lost on what to do. Halloween is my thing so not being inspired was a bit disheartening. I saw this fabulous makeup online and immediately thought, “I have a stripped jacket and black tshirt! This should be easy!” I went onto Amazon grabbed stripped leggings and a green wig. Obviously you don’t have the time to do that NOW but in the future you might. The few details you might want on this are the jacket is from Forever 21, as well as the choker, the black tee is a Classic from Lularoe.

The next few are some you should be able to grab directly from your closet or can just run around the corner to Walgreens or the closest store to grab a few extras for.

Now this outfit was grabbed entirely out of my closet. I’m sure some of you are saying, “but Kayla, I don’t just randomly have a witches hat in my closet.” Ok, I hear you but stay with me because this outfit CAN work without it. I grabbed a fun orange and black dress out of my closet and paired it with some fun, different colored socks. Witches never match so don’t worry about that! A simple black dress will also work with this outfit. It is all about the little details, how you accessorize and do your makeup. Grab that cute little black dress from your closet, grab your funkiest color socks, a cute pair of black boots, and bam! You have a cute little witch outfit. You can add either a wrap around headband or run down to Walgreens and grab a cute hat headband for under $5.
Outfit details: Amelia dress from Lularoe, socks from Jo Ann’s Fabric Store, Spirit Halloween Witch Hat.

Here is another fun one that you can grab straight from your closet! Grab that little red dress and some fun textured tights and you’ve got yourself an outfit! It just takes the right makeup to make yourself into the best devil that you can be. If you don’t have horns lying around, add some red makeup into your hairline which should help accentuate the look you are going for. Or, just run down to Walgreens like I did and grab yourself a pair of $2 horns!
Outfit details: Amazon

Now, here is my fabulous friend’s work of art! She pulled a complete Belle look straight from her closet! Now that, my friends, is impressive. She grabbed a blue dress, layered it up with a white long sleeve, added a cute white apron, grabbed some books and went out the door! And look how cute her hair is! Just perfect for this outfit! Like I say, it’s all in the details!

Are you guys finally getting some cute throw together ideas for Tuesday? Great! Now go dig in your closets and get started! I’m always around if you have any questions so don’t be afraid to ask! Until next time lovelies!

Leggings PSA

Alright ladies, lets talk leggings. I am a huge fan of leggings myself BUT I see a lot of ladies wearing them where they are simply not flattering. Therefore, today I would like to discuss the do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing leggings in public. When you’re at home, by all means, do whatever you want.

When you buy a new pair of leggings, do yourself and everyone else a favor and hold them up to the light. If you can see through them without them being on your body, I promise you that everyone else will be able to see your goodies when you put them on. IF that is the case, I have some good news for you! You can still wear them but wear them less as pants and more as something you put on under a tunic top. You’ll still be able to wear your incredibly comfy leggings and everyone else will think you look super cute other than noticing that they can see your hot pink undies.


Another slight fauxpas that I see fairly often is wearing leggings that too closely resemble your skin tone. Nobody wants to make a double take to ensure you in fact actually have on pants. That’s enough to give anyone a heart attack. IF you find yourself with leggings that you simply love that are flesh colored, you can still easily wear them. Just get yourself a cute t-shirt or sweater dress and a hot pair of boots and you’ll be good to go. That way you can wear your leggings, be warm, and nobody is going to wonder whether or not you’re wearing pants. No judgment on this one, we’ve all done it. Personally, I have this super cute pair of light pink Lularoe leggings and being the redhead that I am… they totally blend into my skin. Let’s just say I wore them with a short tunic and got a few double takes of the not good kind.


Now, with those ideas in mind, rock forth and wear your leggings ladies! I have a preference of not wearing any sort of leggings as pants but you do you and if you think you make it work then by all means, do your thing!


Mix and Match Outfits

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

As I sit here watching my annual viewing of Halloween and drinking a nice cold Austin EastCider out of my RIP cup, I would love to speak with you about how to mix and match your clothes in order to create different outfits. If you take a look below I have a rough couple of pics with exactly how I did that. I was far too excited to wait on my tripod to arrive to get started sharing my passion with you all.

The most important part of being able to mix and match outfits are solids. In the first outfit, I actually purchased the top just to go with these fabulous Halloween Mummy leggings. As I am completely obsessed with them, I wanted to wear them again but mix is up enough as to people not realizing I was wearing the same outfit. So, as any good self proclaimed fashionista does, she digs through her overly large closet and finds other pieces that match. Now not all of us are lucky enough to have a huge closet full of clothes. (I just have a bit of an obsession.) Therefore when you go shopping you want to look for great solid pieces that you can match with anything! That way, when you find those crazy leggings that you just love and want to wear more often than anything, you’ll have multiple different ways to style them and never wear the same outfit twice!

Let’s not forget about accessories and makeup. Those are also fairly pivotal to the making of a great outfit. You can wear the EXACT same outfit, change up the accessories and makeup and nobody will ever know the difference. Find something fun that screams you! After all, fashion is not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good and enjoying what you have on. If you love it, find a way to wear it no matter your age! I’m 30 and will continue to rock my horror leggings and nerd tees until they no longer make me smile.

Now I just want to walk you through the fabulousness that I have on in each outfit here.

Outfit #1: I am a huge advocate for Lularoe (I do not sell it myself but I can point you in the direction of a few awesome “dealers.”) I am wearing a tied up Carly, Halloween OS Leggings, and some kick ass spider earrings from Amazon! As for my lipstick, I believe that is my favorite Colourpop lippie, Flawless.

Outfit #2: Again I do have on some Lularoe, again with the awesome mummy leggings, a solid black Sarah, and a grey t-shirt dress from Forever 21. As for my jewelry, it is from one of my all time favorite little Etsy shops,, I def suggest you check her out! The lippie I have on is from NYX’s new Element Line and is a Metallic Violet Black.

To sign off, just a reminder, solids are your friend. Wear what makes you happy and don’t forget to shop small. Until next time! Xoxo