Disney Bound

Oh my gosh, you guys… life has been NUTS lately! I feel like the worst with not being able to bring you all the hottest fashion and such! I am currently working 3 jobs, have started a new relationship, and am just attempting to balance my life out. The fun part about one of my jobs is that I am now working at a boutique so I can easily keep up with the hot new trends and pass it all on to you!

I did partially participate in the Disney Bound challenge last month for the first time ever, I fell out after about a week (life is dumb) but I figured I would fill you in on how much fun it is! I can’t believe I haven’t updated you all in a month or so.

So, let me explain a couple of things prior to diving right in. When you look up the definition of Disney Bounding this is what comes up: “Disneybounding, that is, dressing up in DIY costumes inspired by Disney characters, is a popular activity for adult superfans of the House of Mouse that began as a way to thwart a rule instituted at the resorts.” But honestly it is not quite that. It is not quite costumes which would make it cosplaying, it is more taking a character’s style as your own and giving a nod to them in your outfit. The Disney Bound challenge is during the month of March, this gives you a different theme for every single day and if you participate every day you are entered in to win a prize. I only lasted 7 days before life got in the way but I WILL do it next year!

My first Disney Bound:

The theme was Big Hero 6 and come on, I obviously HAD to be everyone’s favorite, Baymax! Also, Jasper was the perfect fit to Bound as the “hairy baby.” I swear he’s a cat anyway. Basically I kept it SUPER subtle and just stuck to the color choices. I was Bounding out of my closet instead of trying to find the perfect pieces for each individual Bound. I find it far more challenging and fun that way. Other’s will go out and find items that will tie them back to the characters that they are Bounding. Seriously, guys, there are some SUPER impressive Bounds out there and I will share a few at the end of this.

This challenge was really FAR from easy. Here are a couple that I really struggled with.

I’ve seen Zootopia ONCE and literally just googled the character’s outfits to see if I had ANYTHING in my closet that could potentially work. My little fox pom had to participate as Nick Wilde because of COURSE he did. Boo was my easiest choice for Pixar day but it wasn’t really the best one either.

Now I had a few that I just ADORED doing and will def make sure that I do again.

My favorite ladies of Disney! My girl Minnie was my obvious choice for the Fab 5 day although I unfortunately do not have a fun red, polka dot dress hanging out in my closet (I need to remedy that) so I went for a more traditional look for her. Wendy Darling is just so much fun, I had planned on doing Tink for the green character day but well, I didn’t quite make it that far into the challenge. And my absolute fave girl, Meg, for Heroine day!

I had SO much fun with this challenge. You just find a character that you love, pick out some pieces you think embody them, and then rock the crap out of them for a day. What nerd doesn’t love doing this? So even though it is no longer March, go have some fun and be your favorite character for a day! Until next time my pretties… Xoxo

And as promised, here are a couple of really amazing Bounds that I have come across (I DO NOT OWN THESE IMAGES)

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