I am sitting here watching the new Queer Eye on Netflix and if this is not everything I want to accomplish in life I don’t know what is! I desperately want to take a woman who is a little lost or a bit down on on themselves and transform their life through fashion. It’s amazing to see it actually working on this show.

So basically this is just me re-implementing what I would love to see while doing this and eventually branching out into some hands on things. I desperately want my fellow women to be empowered and looking good is completely where it starts!

Yesterday, I was down on myself. I didn’t want to be around people, I didn’t want anything to do with anything. So I put on one of my comfiest yet chicest outfits and put on a full face of makeup which I don’t normally do for a normal day. It gave me enough pick me up to get out of my apartment and do what needed to be done for the day. No, I wasn’t completely ready to deal with people and life but it got me out and caused me not to cancel plans. I felt a lot better about life when I felt better about myself. This HAS to happen for others as well.

If you do not believe that looking good on the outside helps how you feel on the inside please do me a favor and go watch Queer Eye. It will give you a better outlook on what I am trying to do here. Also, I must warn you, your feels will be all over the place while watching this and it is going to make you want this for yourself as well.

It is absolutely amazing seeing what a good outfit and proper grooming techniques will do for your outlook on life. So please, go find an outfit that screams you and makes you feel like your best self. Then put your best face forward, literally, go put your face on. Grab that red lipstick or one that makes you feel powerful and put it on. Then go out and seize the day!

This was me yesterday when I was feeling terrible about life. I look great and felt so much better.


Outfit includes: Harvey, Irma, and OS leggings from Lularoe and Toms!

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