For My Single Ladies

Alright ladies, Valentine’s day is upon us and for most that means we tend to get depressed because it is “Singles Awareness Day.” Honestly, I think that is ridiculous. A relationship does not define how awesome you are. You are awesome all by yourself and do not need a man or other lady (no judgement either way) to make you feel so.

Your homework for today, go put on that outfit that makes you feel as amazing as you totally are. Put on that red hot lipstick and go be your incredible self! Valentine’s day is literally just another day and do not let all the hype make you feel any other way. Do not think of it as “Singles Awareness Day,” think of it as love yourself day. It is a day of love, so celebrate you or your gal pals. Go buy yourself that thing that you’ve been eyeing as a gift to yourself. You do not need a significant other to buy you things, treat yo self girl!

I realize this post isn’t particularly about fashion but my goal in life is to help you love yourself and empower others to do the same. If you’re the single one in your group don’t let it bother you because you don’t NEED a relationship. I understand that you want one and this time of year makes it seem like you should have one but you have to learn to love yourself first before you can spread that love to others.

Go surprise your bestie with a Galentine’s Day Gift to spread the love. Dress smashingly to make people wish they could be as confident as you are when instead they are feeling “SAD” bearing down upon them. Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples, that is just what the card companies make you think. It is a day of love whether it be you loving yourself, spreading the love to others that need it such as coworkers, best friends, or your family. Be you, shine bright out there and be the own love of your life. Once you find that then other greatness will come your way.

Now go out there and put on your best face, spread love to others, and be that amazing person that I know you are. Now here is a pic of my little fur one to spread a little joy your way! Until next time my lovelies! Xoxo


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