Valentine’s Day


Ok, I’m fully aware that I should’ve posted this earlier but well, I didn’t so you’ll have to forgive me! Here are a few awesome nerdy gifts to give for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, whatever you are celebrating on February 14th! I’ll start with Amazon because you MIGHT actually be able to get them in on time and then add in some things that you can go pick up at your local Target or such. I’m generally all about shopping small but since this is a bit last minute… 🙂

How cute is this shirt?! What nerd doesn’t love a little 8-bit humor?

I personally love a little punny action and Otters! So cute!

Um, hello! Such a cute shirt to show off your love for pizza!


Excuse me, how adorable is this plushie?! I would LOVE to be given this.


Oh my gosh, Target has a cute 90s selection right now! I need all of them in my life and I bet any other 90s girl that you know would too! Run out and buy all the things!

Alright, you guys go out there and get your gifting on! Love yourselves and your special people. Until next time! Xoxo

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