Pamper Yourself


I know, I didn’t post last week. I’ve been in a bit of a funk and frankly I still am so THAT is why I decided to take care of myself today. You say, but Kayla, this isn’t about fashion and excuse me, why isn’t it? I always say that fashion is to empower yourself and make you feel good about yourself… pampering yourself is a huge part of that. It’s to make yourself feel good inside and out. Now stop questioning yourself and do the thing.

Light a candle that transports you into your favorite place or brings you good memories. It can be anything from a candle smelling like the beach, the mountains, your favorite book, even your favorite ride at Disney. Don’t worry, at the end I will feel you in on where I get all of my favorite things.

Next, turn on either your favorite music or your favorite happy tv show/movie. You can either do all of this in the bathroom OR in your favorite room of your living space. It’s easy to customize all of this to your own preferences.

Follow that up by either running a warm bath and adding in your favorite yummy items including bathbombs, bath salts (no not the kind that turns you into a zombie, bath oils, ect. Or simply just grab your favorite nail color and your favorite face mask or both!

This is a time for you so make it so. No people distractions so leave your phone or lock out your roommates and zen out with your favorite beverage. At the end of your pampering sesh you should feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and more like yourself!

As promised here are a few of my favorite places to get my favorite pampering items!
Bath and Bodyworks and Lush are no secret to find yummy things to enjoy your pampering days. Everything from candles to bathbombs to bubble bath can be found at both of these places combined. But, here are a few of my more hidden gems.

Walter & Rosie Candle Co
This shop has the yummiest smelling candles! I am currently burning the Foolish Mortals candle that reminds me of being inside the Haunted Mansion. They have other magical scents and also some great book scents.

This shop has awesome book themed candles that will transport you into your favorite books!

For some awesome, mostly natural, face masks, lotions, bath bombs, ect you MUST check out Perfectly Posh. They have my favorite face mask which is called Cackle Spackle and it totally detoxes all the ookie stuff from your face. If you need a “dealer” for it, let me know! I can hook you up after you check out their site!

Alright ladies, now go out there and get your pampering on! I will follow up this week with another post on nerdy Valentine’s day gifts! Until then… Xoxo

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