Disney Chic

In honor of our Queen Minnie’s 90th anniversary and her FINALLY getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday, I have decided to put together a few Disney outfits for you. Whether you are headed to the parks or are just a complete DisNerd like me, these outfits would be perfect for you! Trust me, my closet is so stuffed full of Disney items it was hard to pick just a few.


Yesterday, I decided to rock the dots for our girl! Also, it just so happens to be National Polka Dot day! Of course, none of us can rock the dots quite like our favorite mouse.
Outfit details: Sweatshirt – F21, Headband – Hippie Runner, Mug – Michael’s.


Here is the outfit I am rocking today! I LOVE the Disney villains so since it is a bit warmer out today I decided to rock some of my favorite leggings. Who says villains are only for Halloween? Not me! I wear whatever I want, whenever I want as long as there is not a dress code that is 🙂
Outfit details: Top – Royal+Reese, Leggings – Lularoe, Necklace – was a gift from my Roe dealer.


While we are at it, I figure we should give a nod to Minnie’s other half. He be as fabulous but he is Mickey Mouse after all. This is probably one of my favorite outfits! Super comfy and awesomely Disney!
Outfit details: Top – F21, Leggings – Lularoe (obviously), Cardigan – Royal+Reese.


If you aren’t much of a leggings person, there is no reason that you cannot wear this awesome tee with some jeans! These are a boyfriend style and also super comfy. You can easily be comfortable if you’re park hopping or running errands or whatever.
Outfit details: Top – Cakeworthy, Jeans – NY&Co, Cardigan – is just a basic black cardi that I grabbed out of my closet, not sure where it is from.


Obviously I HAD to throw an adorable skirt option out there! This is one of my favorite outfits, I know you may have seen the main part before in my pattern mixing post but it was just too good not to share again. Also, I wanted to show a bit of versatility with it. I had mixed it with a tie-dye cardigan before and this time with an adorable jean jacket. You can easily repurpose any outfit with jewelry changes, shoe changes, jacket changes, ect.
Outfit details: Top – Hot Topic, Skirt – Azure from Lularoe, Jacket – Harvey from Lularoe.

I hope you had as much fun as me with this post! I adore putting together outfits, it is one of my favorite things! Also, come on, Disney is the best. I have so so many more Disney items that I could share with you guys but I will leave that for another time. We might have to have a part two of his if you would like!

Until next time my loves… let me know if you need any outfit advice. Go out there and be your best self! Love you awesome nerds! Xoxo

and if you were wondering where Jasper was while I was shooting outfits…


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