Boutique Shopping

I know, I’m a bit behind on my game this week. Texas has been changing it’s mind like crazy on what season it wants it to be. Earlier this week we had ice on the ground and today I’m running around in flipflops. Needless to say, it has been a bit of a headache… literally. I have been thinking about you guys though and what I wanted to address today. This isn’t nearly as inspired as the last couple of posts but I did want to tell you guys about these two FABULOUS boutiques that I found within the past couple of months! Also, due to the weather, I have a few different ways that you can make your closet work for you when the outside changes faster than it should.

First, my favorite new blog is Royal+Reese women’s line. I’m fairly obsessed with it and cant seem to bring in enough money to keep up my shopping habits. Perils of being unemployed I suppose. Maybe one day this will blow up and I will laugh about it but until then, keep your fingers crossed that I find something to fund my problem sooner rather than later or you guys might be getting repeat posts! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from them. You HAVE to follow them on social media and jump online to grab much of anything prior to them selling out. They tend to sell out within minutes of posting things, THAT is how awesome they are!


This cardigan is literal life! I’m beyond obsessed with it. Only problem I have with it is that my poor fur babies nails are so ridiculously long right now (he wont let me cut them) that he snagged it. Other than that little snafu, I dont want to take the thing off! It is perfect for layering up for cold weather or for the weird fall weather we have also been having. The leggings are Lularoe and the top is from Amazon.

This dress! I layered it up a bit due to the weather outside being frightful. I also had all of this other awesome in my closet. The leggings are Lularoe and the sweatshirt is F21.

And for today’s outfit… this awesome cut out sweater is from them! I didn’t really want to give you guys another mirror selfie but with this headache I didn’t want to bust out the tripod and the selfie didn’t really do it justice. This thing is super lightweight and perfect for today’s 60 degree weather!

Go check them out at

Secondly, Theo & Rose Boutique! I have gotten some seriously amazing pieces from them! Their selection is not nearly as large as the prior shop but it is still worth a look. I also LOVE that it is local to Austin. Unfortunately they do not have a brick and mortar, yet. That is where you would come in handy! Go shop them up so they can afford it! Here are my favorite pieces from them!


I know you recognize this outfit as I have used it before but it is too good not to share again! This dress came from them! It is almost like a sweatshirt, it is BEYOND comfortable! Did I mention that it also has pockets?!


This little skirt/dress thing… so chic! I feel like I fell right back into the 90’s when I put it on! It can literally go with anything! I paired it with this dino tee from F21 but you could easily put it together with a light-long sleeve for cooler days. It is just too cute and I cannot wait to put it on again!


THIS. SWEATSHIRT. I cannot describe how amazing it is! It is ridiculously soft and I may have worn it for like 4 days straight when the weather was all icy and I didn’t go anywhere. It also perfectly captures my mood most days, a little blah and a little pink. I’m seriously considering doing laundry just so that I can put it back on. You KNOW it’s good when I’m considering the dreaded laundry.

Go check out Theo and Rose at

That is all I have for the time being. Hopefully I will have something a bit more inspired next week. If you ladies find any awesome boutiques, please, let me know!! Until next time, all mine and Jasper’s love… xoxo


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