“New Year, New Me”


Happy New Year everyone!! Have you found yourself saying, “New Year, New Me?” Well if so, I am here to help you out. What better way to start changing yourself than with your fashion choices?

I’m not here to tell you what you SHOULDN’T or CAN’T wear. I’m here to tell you that you can wear anything you want. Life is too short to abide by so called fashion “rules.” The only rule is that you love what you are wearing and you feel good wearing it. Of course, there are ways to make things appear more fashionable but overall, if you love it then why not wear it? If you’re over 30 and want to wear a crop top, do it. If you’re over 50 and want to rock a Batman tee, who says that you shouldn’t? Do the thing. Live your life and wear what you want. The important thing is that you love you.

I’m here to say that if you’re plus size and want to wear a crop top, who/what is stopping you? If you’re thin and want to wear baggy clothes, do the thing! Do not let age or body standards stay in your way. You can rock anything you set your mind to. The only person who should put standards on the way you look is yourself. God out there and rock that pink hair and red lip with your crop top!

There are tons of ladies out there that live their true self through fashion and I want everyone of you to go out there and do the same. Personally I do not live by any beauty standards and I feel like my truest self. I’m 30, I have pink hair, I rock my crop tops and nerd tees… I wear what I want, when I want it. The only thing that should dictate what you wear is the weather! If you’re unsure of how to make an outfit work, give me a shout out and I would LOVE to help! Just wear things that make you feel comfortable, that you love wearing, and that make you feel like the best you!

Check out this outfit that I wore today. None of it is really abiding any “rules.” I just liked all the pieces and it is rather chilly out so that made me layer up. I wanted to wear the dress but it shows too much skin to be comfortable out in the colder weather so I added things that I think went with it whether they actually do or not, who cares?


Dress: Theo & Rose Boutique
Leggings: Lularoe
Sweatshirt: was a gift
Hat: Jessica Simpson
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: GoJane.com

Now go out there without fear of how you look if you love what you’re wearing. If you feel good then you look good! Go be your true self! Until next time… Xoxo

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