Christmas Gift Ideas


In preparation for the holidays, I have decided that you all may need a little help on what to get your favorite nerd for gifts. This post will not be ALL clothing and jewelry or I might as well just copy and paste my last post but there will be some of my favorite pieces in here. I will break this down per the handful of main fandoms so that you can easily search it. I hope this helps give you a few ideas!

Harry Potter


This is one of my all time favorite shops! I go here for special hand painted items all the time. I’ve actually purchased this exact wine glass for a friend in the past and she LOVED it!


Of course, I am all about shopping small but Think Geek has some awesome items! I’m pretty obsessed with this Deathly Hallows Lamp and I believe any other PottHead would be too.

HP scarf
Harry Potter Gryffindor Patch Knit Scarf

If you know your nerd girl’s house you can always go for a house scarf for those chilly winter days. Or you can always get other personalized house gifts through Etsy!

Star Wars

Empty green living room with sliding door

This wall art of Han frozen in carbonite would be perfect for any Star Wars fan! I would hang this above my bed the moment I received it!


I was actually given this Boba Fett bag a couple of years back and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I would also LOVE to have the R2D2 one as well. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to the Star Wars movies so most everything I love will be from the original 3 but there is MORE than enough merch out there for the new movies as well.

Disney Princess Leia Don’t Need Rescuing Juniors T-Shirt

A girl NEEDS this tee in her wardrobe! It could easily be paired with jeans or a skirt. I’m all about strong women and there is hardly one stronger than our very own Princess Leia.

Star Trek


I’m personally not much of a Trekie but I adore Vinyl Record clocks and I think that any Star Trek fan would be more than happy to display this clock in their home!


These Tiki glasses make me happy in any fandom! They are too cute and can easily be added to any nerd girl’s drinkware collection. (I can’t be the only one that has one.)

Star Trek
 Moon Necklace Star Trek Starfleet Command Pendant Charms Friendship Gift For Women with Giftbox

I LOVE a good half moon necklace and this one with the Starfleet Command Pendant is no exception! It’s a great way to add a subtle nod to your fandom without a huge, “look at me,” statement.

Game of Thrones


Ok, I cannot help myself, I love a good glittery wine glass! Most Game of Thrones girls consider themselves a Khaleesi because who wouldn’t? I’ll take a Khal Drogo over most princes any day!


If you want to add to that wine glass gift, there is no better way to do it than with an “I drink and I know things” shirt! Everyone loves Tyrion and this is most people’s favorite quote of his. Personally, I’m good at drinking and knowing things so I would love to have this shirt.

GoT shirt

Nobody said you cant mix up a couple of fandoms in one gift! No better way to do it than this Jurassic Park/GoT mashup! I LOVE this top and wish I had it in my own collection.



Give your DisNerd a cute, unique pair of Ears decorated with her favorite movie! Every girl wants her own pair of Mouse Ears! I have more than I can count but I wish I had a pair that you cannot find in the parks! Make everyone jealous on your next Disney trip!


This Snow White bag is to die for (see what I did there)! It also comes in Mulan and Jasmine styles if she isn’t a huge Snow White fan. I LOVE carrying bags with my fandoms on them. It gives a nice nod without going over the top.


Literally ANYTHING on CakeWorthy will have your DisNerd swooning. These items ship from Canada so I would order soon if you’re in the states!



We all have that one friend who is obsessed with all things horror (I am that friend to many). I LOVE this pillow and most of the other things on this etsy shop. I would easily display this on my bed year round. It is always Halloween in my world.


This is one of my all time favorite artists! I discovered her work while at Disney. She has the CUTEST creepy little girl artwork. I have a gorgeous Haunted Mansion piece hanging in my apartment and this is another piece that I wish I could add. (I’m running out of wall space from all the cool stuff I find) She also has jewelry and such on her site so I would suggest checking her out!


And of course, you cannot forget to check out my FAVORITE etsy shop, Colorful Geekiness! I bought this shirt during her Black Weekend sale and cannot wait for it to warm back up so that I can wear it. Lydia Deetz is my spirit animal and I bet a lot of other creepy girls feel the same way!

Welp, that is all I have for now. I know that there are MANY other fandoms out there but this post is already running a bit long. If you need help finding gifts for any other fandoms feel free to ask. I have no problem helping out! Until next time! xoxo

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