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I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! With all of these amazing Black Weekend deals going on I wanted to talk about some of my absolute favorite small shops to buy accessories and clothes from!

Without further ado here are my top shops!


I just discovered this shop at comic con a couple of weeks ago. This shop has the most incredible skirts around especially if you’re looking for something cute and nerdy! I bought my first skirt from here at comic con to wear in my picture with Jason Momoa because I just enjoy things that make me stand out from the crowd and these skirts certainly do just that!

Here are the pictures of my SkirtyBirt! Since then I have also bought a dinosaur skirt that I am anxiously awaiting!


I discovered this shop at comic con last year and have been in love ever since! She is local in Texas so that is a plus for me. This shop carries the perfect creepy cute jewelry and the shop owner is super sweet and helpful. I generally get the little grab bags of rings but she has a ton of other cute and unique items!

Here are a couple of my favorite purchases along with a skull necklace that I wear all the time.


This shop has some of the most unique jewelry! I’ve bought from here so many times and am quite literally never disappointed. I had been looking for a half moon necklace for ages and found the perfect one here! The shop owner is super sweet and she is great with customer service. I’ve also bought a few gifts for others from here and everyone has always been delighted with what they have been given.

Here are a couple of necklaces that I have purchased in the past but I have bought all sorts of stuff from here and have been in love with all of it.


This is the source of my absolute favorite nerdy tees! One of my friends found them at a con in New York last year and I cannot stop buying from them! They hit just about every fandom you can imagine. I honestly think that I own most of their inventory and she keeps posting new things daily! I’ve bought from her three separate times this week simply due to the fact that I could not help myself! She also promises more discounts as Christmas approaches!

Here are a few of my favorites! It was so hard to pick!

And last but not least:

Worship 13

Welcome to my favorite place for some creepy girl jewelry! I have gotten most of my Halloween jewelry from here. Although a lot of it I have no issue wearing all the time. There are some super cute Disney villains pieces that I wear year round but for some I prefer to save for my favorite time of year. If you like creepy cute, this is DEF the place for you!

Here are my two favorite pieces.

Now get out there and hit up some sales! As usual the best place to find out about any on going sales are the companies social media pages. Shop small, shop local, keep these businesses and our economy alive!

I apologize for the quality of my images as this was a last minute post. I didn’t want any of you to miss out on some awesome! Until next time my lovelies! Xoxo

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