Closet Cosplay

So I’ve been slightly busy over the past couple of weeks between meeting Jason Momoa (yes really) at Comic Con and being sick I haven’t really had a chance to post. Since I have had cosplay on the brain for so many weeks I figured it was time to discuss how to piece together your own cosplay. I’m not a builder, although I have an amazing friend that is, so I tend to find cosplays that I can piece together myself for our off days. I’ve done all sorts of fun things as well as edited some of my own to make them better.

Step 1: Find a character that you admire or want to be. From there you need to decide if it is something that you can piece together or something that you need to build. If it is something with armor, more than likely it will need to be built.

Step 2: Sift through your closet to see if anything in there could be used to help piece together your cosplay. Examples, little black dresses, hoodies, ect anything that is a basic. I just did Liv from iZombie and most of it could be pulled out of my closet with the exception of a wig and a lab coat. I had the boots, jeans, t-shirt… I did have to buy the red hoodie as I’m not big on the red but hey, some of you have just that in your closet!

Step 3: Anything that you do not have in your closet, go to Amazon or Good Will or your local thrift shop to find the other items. Personally, I’m an Amazon girl because they have all the things and I do not have to leave the privacy of my own home. Some of you may love sifting through the items at your local thrift store due to the fact that you can try all the items on. Lucky for me, I’m fairly regular on my sizing and most things fit with no trouble with the huge exception of corsets… those are always a pain to fit without trying them on.

Step 4: Figure out your wig styling (if you have one) or you hair styling and your makeup. Look up tutorials on YouTube if you’re not sure how to do these things. They always have great videos for just about everything out there.

Ok, I know you are dying for some pics so here are a few examples of cosplays that I have pieced together by myself. No builds or sewing required.

Liv from iZombie:

Weirdly not many people knew who I was… that was fine with me though. I still had a lot of fun. That makeup is one of my favorites so far.

Lydia from Beetlejuice:

Hands down one of my all time favorite cosplays! I’ve reused that makeup for other things because it is so amazing. My own mother did not even recognize me.

Julie Newmar’s Catwoman:

This was my first cosplay to do on my own and it was so so much fun!


Sure, this cannot be pulled from a closet but everything was purchased on Amazon except for the boots which I did own.

My own take on Harley Quinn:

This is the first and second time that I did Harley. I edited it and in my opinion improved upon the costume.

Harley is a blast but there are so many out there that you really have to think outside of the box and try to make her your own creation so that you can stand out from the crowd.

I apologize for the quality of the pics as I was not running the blog yet. Except for Liv… that is just no excuse.

As I’m sure you all remember from my Halloween piece, it’s all in the details! Now go out there and have a nerdy good time my friends! If you need any help at all please feel free to reach out! Until next time! Xoxo

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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